In the past, LGBTQ+ Adults Wanting to Overcome Addiction Haven’t Had Many Options
UNISON Pride is Changing That… With Specially Designed LGBTQ+ Addiction treatment programs
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We provide the lgbtq+ community with compassionate, clinically-proven, substance abuse treatment services in a safe, caring, and understanding environment
  • Stabilize your health safely and comfortably.Our treatment center will professionally manage alcohol and drug withdrawal symptoms with medication, rest, and nutrition treatment to start you on the road to health and happiness.

  • Priority access to 24/7 medical care. UNISON Pride provides around-the-clock medical, clinical, and mental health support services to ensure your safety and prevent relapse. You’re in good hands.
  • Rescue and repair your health. Repair the damage to your mind and body from alcohol and drug addiction. Experience natural feelings of health and happiness.

  • No mental distractions so you can focus on recovery. While you’re with us, we’ll keep you focused on your recovery, giving you the best chance at success.
  • Overcome addiction in a safe, caring, and understanding environment. Enjoy being among like-minded, kind, considerate patients and staff members who want you to succeed.

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We’ll help you understand the cause of your substance abuse addiction and how to overcome it… now and forever
  • Understand why you battle drug and alcohol abuse and how to stop it. Understand what’s driving your addiction, then learn better ways to live without drugs and alcohol.

  • Let go of painful memories once and for all.Engage in mental health treatment and release the emotional pain related to traumatic memories to start your new life unburdened by the past.

  • Discover and celebrate who you are. Overcome the pain of discrimination and rejection and (finally) confidently express who you are inside.
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We’ll show you how to replace bad habits with ways to give your life new purpose, meaning, and joy
  • Become more productive, healthier and happier. Understand the emotional triggers that lead to alcohol and drug use and how to develop new, healthy habits.

  • Eliminate your self-sabotaging habits. Recognize bad habits before they lead to self-sabotage or self-harm. Confidently set and achieve goals and celebrate your successes.

  • Develop more confidence. Improve your mental clarity and decision-making skills. Boost your confidence and enjoy the certainty and tranquility this can bring to your life.

  • Restore your health, and experience increased energy. Reclaim your physical, emotional, and mental health and have the energy to go after your dreams.

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Heal your heart, reconnect with loved ones and start living
  • Repair and strengthen broken relationships. Reconnect with friends, family and loved ones. Mend relationships and receive your loved ones’ support of your recovery.

  • Regain your sense of pride. Learn to celebrate your achievements, big and small. Nourish your heart, improve your mental health and reclaim your self-respect.

  • Experience real healing and self-acceptance. Heal your heart and eliminate destructive abuse patterns. Learn to love who you really are and express yourself authentically.

  • Make new friends for life. Going through addiction treatment and recovery with others who understand you is a life-changing experience. The friends you make at UNISON Pride could last a lifetime.

  • Become part of the UNISON Pride family. You’ll be welcomed into a family of caring and like-minded people who will help support your new substance-free life and lasting recovery.

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Admission to Completion – What’s the Recovery Process at UNISON Pride?
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Proven Treatment Methods Tailored to Meet Your Needs
Unlike other treatment providers, UNISON creates your Personalized Recovery Plan tailored for LGBTQ+ patients using a proven and innovative set of treatment therapies:
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is proven to be one of the most effective treatment therapies available. You’d do it with a therapist. It helps you remove the negative emotions driving your addiction.

  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) teaches healthy ways to cope with stress, control emotions, and improve relationships. It’s proven highly effective at treating alcohol and drug abuse.

  • Family Therapy helps mend damaged relationships and reduces the chance of relapse. It improves family bonds and supports long-term recovery.

  • Psycho-Education Therapy is proven to be an important treatment for long-term recovery. It reinforces the negative impacts of addiction and the most effective path to recovery.

  • Psycho-Dynamic Therapy is proven to support long-term recovery. It uses self-exploration to create new associations and patterns, effectively reprogramming your thoughts, emotions and behaviors in a healthy, positive way.

  • Activity Therapy is a powerful addiction treatment approach. It helps you open up to new experiences and adventures in life. This helps you cope with real life situations when you return to your life after your stay with us.

  • Group Therapy is a proven therapeutic tool proven to help treat substance use disorder. It helps you recognize and overcome addiction-related emotions like depression, isolation, and shame. It helps you feel less alone.

  • EMDR/Trauma Therapy is a no-touch, no-talk therapy. EMDR eases the distressing effects of traumatic memories and creates new positive associations with events in the past. EMDR is proven to support long-term recovery and is often used to treat PTSD.

“I want to quit, but I’m scared I can’t live without drugs and alcohol.”
We get it. Many of our patients who turned their lives around started where you are now. First, our treatment center makes your comfort a priority. Our medical team manages withdrawal symptoms using medication, rest, and nutrition. Then, we follow your Personalized Recovery Plan to help you break free from drugs and alcohol and transform your life. Our LGBTQ+ substance abuse treatment center is there for you every step of the way.You can do it.

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Your call is private and confidential. We’re here to help.

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